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Cleaning RFP Project Management

Commercial Cleaning Contract purchasing is the single most critical task a property/facility manager will be responsible for with cleaning services, DCS will project manage the entire process while you make the decision on contract award.

DCS is the premier provider of commercial cleaning RFP’s in Canada. We have a structure and system that allows us to modify our RFP model to reflect the intricacies and uniqueness of your facility.

Benefits of Using DCS as a project manager for your Commercial Cleaning RFP:

  • Unparalleled commercial cleaning expertise ..saves you time and gets it done right
  • Third-party protection and distancing from potential issues
  • “Insider” commercial cleaning market information
  • Accurate “apples to apples” bids

The RFP process is time consuming and DCS institutes its Project Management process to reduce the contracting headache for you. The RFP process is as follows:

  1. DCS has a discussion with you to find out what your needs are
  2. DCS provides you with a quotation with scope of work
  3. The Project is approved and a Purchase order is received
  4. DCS builds a Project schedule & forwards it to you
  5. A Certified Inspection is scheduled for early morning or end of day
  6. An inspection takes place and benchmarks the quality of cleaning
  7. A report is sent to you and the Cleaning Manager for review and action
  8. A Site specific list of tasks, rooms, duties, etc. is developed for the RFP
  9. An RFP is developed using your service contract template, stacking & floor plans of the building, current contract and specifications, the DCS RFP model, the pricing pages, etc.
  10. An invitation is sent out by you to the companies that you would like to participate in the RFP. DCS can assist with providing quality contractors if required
  11. A tour for the invited companies is performed and a meeting to discuss the RFP occurs with all parties
  12. The RFP responses are received by the Customer & DCS on a specific day before a set time
  13. DCS completes a Technical Analysis, Financial Analysis, and a Risk Analysis for your review. We recommend that you read all of their proposals before DCS presents our Analysis’s
  14. DCS presents the RFP analysis based on the technical specifications listed in the RFP plus a summary of the financial response to you
  15. You make a selection of companies to interview based on;
    a. The quality & service provided by the current contractor
    b. Your view of the RFP responses and their scoring
    c. The relationships you have with service providers15. A short list interview occurs with the invited companies
  16. By the date set in the Project schedule, you announce your selection of the winning contractor
  17. A letter of intent is sent by you to the winning contractor
  18. The award winner and you sign your contract and a copy of the completed RFP is attached as an appendix.
  19. A couple of weeks after the contract starts DCS will complete a Quality Audit and Commission the contractors services & promises

Whether you’re looking to save costs, increased quality make adjustments for change DCS will do the work will bring you to approval points and deliver a new professional commercial cleaning contract

Our third-party, guaranteed RFP service will deliver to you market expertise and the latest in commercial cleaning specifications and operating requirements.

We will build a strong service relationship with your existing or new commercial cleaning contractor.

DCS will give you all the latest tools, process and documents for your commercial cleaning RFP

This service will provide you with essential elements including:

  • Detailed site tours to deliver customized cleaning specifications
  • Performance or frequency based cleaning contracts
  • Green cleaning requirements
  • Pandemic preparedness
  • Cleaning definitions and standards with KPI’s
  • Request for information [RFI] process if desired
  • Janitorial contract document model
  • RFP document including commercial cleaning operating requirements such as security, health and safety
  • Leading the on-site commercial cleaning tour
  • In-depth, third-party proposal analysis detailing the strengths and weaknesses of each contractor’s proposal
  • Thorough debriefing to client of process and report
  • Conducting interviews with short listed contractors
  • Recommendations for commercial cleaning contractors to bid in your area
  • Assistance in negotiations if required

DCS Commercial Cleaning RFP services are essential and customized to you. We will project manage the entire process providing you with in person consulting advice and expertise.

We provide you the data: you make the purchasing decision.

The key focus of DCS is to create working partnerships between Building Owners and Managers and their Building Service Contractors, developing long-term successful business relationships which attain maximum results.

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