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Certified Cleaning Inspections


DCS provides Certified Cleaning Inspections as a first step in the RFP Project and as a stand alone project to get a snap shot of how clean your Facility is.

Our qualified Consultants walk through your Facility and utilize Cleantelligent software on a smart phone or tablet to measure the quality of cleaning in a site specific inspection template.

Grading can be done using the APPA standard of 1-5 for a LEED audit or the ISSA standard of percentile 60%, 80%, 100% depending upon the clients needs and wants.

DCS sets up the room types in Cleantelligent and when we start a new inspection all of the room types will be previously loaded into the building profile. We do a random sampling and go room by room and evaluate each room, take photos and add detail notes.

With a Cleaning Inspection the end result is a quantifiable score and a list of deficiencies or trends to address. ( add graphics from Cleantelligent website)
The first inspection establishes the Benchmark score and can be compared to other facilities of similar size and use.

The Cleantelligent software allows the user to compare floors, similar area types, cleaners, etc. to determine where trends are occurring and where trading is required.

The Quality Inspection is an integral part of the Quality Assurance Program, but the real value comes from what happens after the inspection happens. Are the deficiencies dealt with and how does the Property Manager or Facility know? With the communication tools impeded within the Cleantelligent software you never have to worry about that again.

A Performance based contractor will deal with any deficiencies in a quick and efficient manner, create a work order, document the completion, along with any workers information, time to complete task, associated documents can be linked back to the work order.

The software will have been setup initially to automatically email the appropriate contact people and the person who initiated the work order to inform them that the work order had been taken care of. So when the task has been completed and the work order closed by a supervisor a notification is sent out closing the loop.

This process is called Continuos Improvement (highlighted and linked to previous article sent) and is very important in the Cleaning world as there are always tasks to work on; it’s the immediate necessities that typically take the highest priority. Using this process helps the Cleaning Contractor or In House Service constantly improve.

In an effective QA/QI program the longer the Cleaning Service is in place the more effective they become. Cleaning services that do not have the Continuos Improvement process go through the “Roller Coaster of Service”.


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